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Reunions at the Airfield Conference Center

Family Reunions At Airfield

Gathering friends and family for large and small reunions has always been an integral part of the success of the Airfield Conference Center and 4-H Educational Center.   Located near Wakefield, VA on the 105 acre Airfield Lake, the Center has more than a mile of shore land and 218 acres of unspoiled beauty. 

There is plenty of room for family of all ages and sizes.  And when it's time to come together for meal, activities and “family time”, Airfield has a variety of facilities and activities to keep even the most active members of your family occupied and entertained. 

Surrounded by family with a variety of dietary needs and preferences?  No worries:   enjoy the exquisite meals provided by our culinary experts, completely catered to your needs.  Let our award-winning staff serve you, so that you might enjoy precious time with your loved ones.  

Relax on a front porch in a rocking chair, paddle around the lake, watch Granddad teach the kids how to fish, walk the nature trails, or organize pool parties, pick-up softball games, and/or tennis matches. 

The possibilities are limitless, but the fun and the memories will last a lifetime.  Come, experience the thrilling side of a peaceful location surrounded by those you cherish.  Call now to speak with one of our Event Coordinators (757) 899-4901 and prepare for a Family Reunion that will last in your memory for a lifetime.

Out on the Lake

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