District 4-H Camp
When: August 12, 2018 01:00 PM until August 16, 2018 12:00 PM Eastern Time Zone
1. To provide educational, recreational, and social experiences in outdoor living away from home. 2. To provide opportunities to meet, socially inter-act with, and learn to get along with other peo-ple by living and participating together. 3. To provide opportunities for youth to learn to take responsibility for their own decisions and actions. 4. To provide new experiences for youth by ex-ploring new interests, or by exposing them to new approaches to old interests, such as na-ture, aquatic, music, and other life skills that cannot be provided as effectively outside of a camp setting. 5. To teach youth about citizenship, the im-portance of being a responsible citizen, and to provide opportunities to practice citizenship. 6. To provide the opportunity for youth to have fun and to learn to create positive, enjoyable experiences individually and with others. Activities May Include Campfires, A Dance, Songs and Games, Leather Crafting, Lip Sync Battle, Swimming, Riflery, Archery , Fishing, Color Wars, Robotics, Canoeing and MUCH, MUCH, MORE!!!
Event Details:

Registration Deadline

July 26, 2018

To register for this event, please complete the attached registration form and mail along with the


$235 fee to:

District Camp

c/o Silvia Brooks

15189 Airfield Road

Wakefield, VA 23888

Please make checks payable to

Airfield 4-H Center


Call and pay by credit card

Non-refundable after August 6, 2018



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